The Arcade Theater Fort Myers, Florida

    The Arcade Theater is located in Fort Myers at 2267 First Street.   Originally, it was located between Heitmans Clothing and The Bradford Hotel. The theater was built in 1915 by Harvie Heitman and his brother Gilmer.   It  was originally a vaudeville venue.  In 1917, it was renovated and expanded as a movie theater.  It had one screen and a capacity of approximately 400 seats.  It had a stage for travelling shows, dressing rooms

     It was rebuilt in 1938.  The architect was Roy Benjamin.   The stage was removed, New seats were installed, indoor rest rooms were added.  The movie screen was enlarged to 15 X 19 feet. Air conditioning was installed.  

     In 1977, the theater was used by the Edison Players, the Cape Coral Players, the Actors Repertory Company. 

     Bob Smith purchased the building in 1979.  He attempted to re-establish it as a movie theater.  The acting troups left. 

     The theater closed in July, 1980.  The building suffered from neglect. There was another renovation converting it into a twin theater.  It closed again In 1984.

  In the late 1980’s, the Arcade had fallen into disrepair.  In 1991, there was a benefit with Mikhail Baryishnikov to raise money to restore the theater.  

    The city have the theater to the Florida Repertory Company in 1998.  It grew in popularity under its director Robert Cacciopo

Arcade Theater Building

Arcade Theater Building

Arcade Theater

Arcade Theater

Arcade Theater

Arcade Theater

Arcade Theater Building

Interior Hall Arcade Theater

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