DesPlaines Theater

DesPlaines Theater

The DesPlaines Theater is located in DesPlaines, Illinois at 1476 Miner Street.    It opened in August, 1925 as a vaudeville and movie theater.    It was built for the Polka Brothers Firm.  The architect was William Betts.

The foyer of the building was Spanish Moorish Style.  The auditorium was Spanish Renaissance style.  There was one screen.   The capacity was 1,018 seats.   There was an orchestra pit.    The stage was large.  A Geneva style organ was installed in 1925.  The exterior of the buildings was art deco style.

In 1935, the building was purchased by Balaban and Katz.  It was converted to a first run movie venue.  It was remodeled by the firm of Pereira and Pereira.

In 1982, a fire caused substantial damage to the building.  The theater was reopened after a few years.  It was converted to a two screen facility with two auditorium each having 275 seats.

It was renovated in 1998.  The theater featured first run Indian films.    It closed in 2003.  It reopened in 2006 again featuring East Indian Films.  It closed in 2007.  In 2008, it reopened for for a special showing of High Musical 2.  It then operated as a performing arts venue and a movie theater.

DesPlaines Theater

In 2010, it was converted back to a one screen one auditorium venue.  It operated with programs including live theater, Bollywood Movies,  and independent features.   The theater closed in 2014.

DesPlaines Theater

In 2017, the city of Des Plaines  considered eminent domain proceedings to forcibly acquire the Des Plaines Theater.    In August of 2018, the city purchased the theater from Dhitu Bhagwakar for $1,257,500.  The Rivers Casino was also involved in the project agreeing to provide 2 million dollars for improvements in the theater building.

DesPlaines River

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