Wabash Bridge over Missouri River

Wabash Bridge over Missouri River

There have been two bridges crossing the Missouri River near Saint Charles.  These have also been known as the Saint Charles Rail Bridge.   The first was built in 1868-1871.  The bridge had undergone substantial modification during it  lifetime.    The  initial bridge was a bridge with Trellis  and  Fink trusses.    During 1880–1884, the bridge was upgraded.  The original trusses were replaced with Whipple through truss spans.  The girder approach spans  were replaced.  Additional  piers were added on the the east.

There were multiple builders including:  American Bridge Company of New York, Charles Shaler Smith of Pittsburgh,  Detroit Bridge and Iron Works,  Edge Moor Bridge Works of Wilmingston,  Delaware, Kellogg and Maurice Bridge Company of Athens, Pennsylvania, Keystone Bridge  Company of  Pittsburgh, Phoenix Iron Company of Philadelphia, Pittsburgh Company.   The largest span measured 318 feet.  Total bridge length was 2,928 feet.    Deck width was 18 feet.    The bridge was used by North Missouri railroad and the Wabash Railroad

The  bridge was taken down.  It was replaced by a new bridge about 1/2  mile north.

The second bridge was built in 1936.     It was built by the Wabash R.R.  The contractor was American Bridge Company, Mt. Vernon Bridge Company of Mt. Vernon, Ohio.

Engineers were Modjeski, Masters, and Chase.

It is the largest bridge over the Missouri River.  It has five main piers.   Total length is 7,876.  Cantilevered Span is 1,645.   Length of the largest span is 624 feet.   There is one track.  Height above the ground is 86 Feet.   The east approach 3,945 feet.  West approach is 2,860 feet.    Style is cantilevered Warren Through Truss and deck girder.   In the past, it was used by the Wabash Railroad.  Currently it is used by the Norfolk Southern RR

The bridge spans the Missouri River, Missouri Highways 94, and 141 and an abdandoned railroad grade.

Wabash Bridge over the Missouri River

Wabash Bridge over the Missouri River

Wabash Bridge over the Missouri River

Wabash Bridge over the Missouri River

Wabash Bridge over the Missouri River

Wabash Bridge over the Missouri River

Wabash Bridge over the Missouri River

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