Illinois 178 Utica Bridge over Illinois River

Illinois 178 Bridge over Illinois River, Utica

Illinois 178 Bridge

IL 178 Bridge

IL 178 Bridge

IL 178 Bridge

IL 178 Bridge

IL 178 Bridge

The first bridge at this site was an iron lost through truss over the Illinois River  on Illinois 178.    It was built by the Decatur Bridge Company.    In 1906, three spans were destroyed in a tornado.   The bridge was rebuilt in 1907.  Swing spans were added.  The bridge was replaced around 1962.

The current bridge(built in 1962) is in the process of being replaced.  This is a project that will extend between 2017–2019.  The existing bridge  is a steel  cantilevered through truss bridge over the Illinois River on Illinois 178.  It carries two lane of traffic.   The largest span is 377.8 feet.  Total length is 1, 157.8 feet.  The bridge is 63 feet above the river.

Bridge Construction IL178

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