Canal Origins Park

    This last Sunday (5/6/2018) I revisited Canal Origins Park.   This is the second time I have been to this historic site.    The Park is located at 2840 South Ashland Avenue.   It is at this site that the following can be seen:  South Fork of the South Branch Chicago River  (This is also known as Bubbly Creek); the beginning of the Sanitary and Ship Canal; the South Branch of the Chicago River; the Turning Basin–a remnant of the I and M canal.

South Fork of South Branch Chicago River (Bubbly Creek)

Same as above

Turning Basin

Same as above

Loomis Avenue Bridge over South Branch Chicago River

Ashland Avenue Bridge over origin of Sanitary and Ship Canal

Art work at Canal Origins Park

Same as above

Canal Art Work

Same as above

     Unfortunately, much of the park has suffered damage from vandalism

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