Ninth Street Seven Arch Stone Bridge

9th Street Seven Arch Stone Bridge . Internet Photo

Ninth Street Seven Arch Stone Bridge

     The 9th Street Seven Arch Bridge crossed the DesPlaines River and the Deep Run Creek in Lockport.  It was approved and built in 1868 at a cost of $4000. It eventually led to a swing bridge over the Sanitary and Ship Canal.

   The bridge was constructed of limestone locally mined.  Each of the seven arches spanned 197 feet.  There were stone parapets 4 to 5 feet high.  The piers were reinforced with stone buttresses.   The largest span was 23.9 feet.  Total length was 191.9 feet.  Deck width was 21.6 feet.   It was thought that the builder may have been Julius Scheibe–a local stone maison.

     In the early 1900’s, a concrete slab was added to the foundation due  to increased water levels caused by the newly constructed Sanitary and Ship Canal.  The parapets were removed.  The grade of the crossing was raised.

     The bridge was closed to traffic in 1971.  In 2004, it was listed on the National Historic Register.   In March of 2011, the bridge was damaged due to flooding.  It was demolished that same year.


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