Fisk Generating  Station

Fisk Generating Station in the Distance

The Fisk Generating Station was a medium sized coal fired electric generating plant located at 1111 West Cermak Avenue in the Pilsen Neighborhood.  It is located near the South Branch of the Chicago River which provided water for steam and a route for barge traffic to deliver coal.  The site of the plant is 60 acres.  At its peak, the facility provided power to 381,000 households.

Today, the Fisk site includes multiple large buildings with reinforced concrete foundations, steel frames and common bond brick walls.    The original powerhouse was built in 1903.  The architects were Shepley,  Butan, and Coolidge.  Attached to this, is the boiler building and turbine generator room.  It is a tall one story building measuring 600  X 200 feet.  It was built in 1959.

There is a three story administration building.   It measures 300 X 80 feet.  There are two one story flanking buildings attached to this building.

There is switch house 2 and transmission terminal built in 1940.  It measures 120 X 50 feet.  It consists of brick wall on concrete foundation.

There is a three story maintenance building measuring 200 X 84 feet. There is Switch House N built in 1920.  It measures 250 X 40 feet.  Finally, there is a building known as the frequency changer house.

The Fisk Plant was purchased by Midwest Generation in 1999.

The Fisk Plant closed in 2012.  Causes for the closure included:  competition from natural gas plants and burdensome environmental regulations.

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