Cermak Road Bridge

     Completed 12/7/2017

     The Cermak Road Bridge (501 West;  2200 South) runs east–west over the South Branch Chicago River four miles from the river’s mouth.  It was built in 1905. It was a metal rivet connected Pratt Through Truss movable double leaf bascule (Scherzer electric powered rolling lift) and approach spans: metal stringer (multibeam) fixed.  Bridge measurements include main span length is 216 feet; structure length is 337 feet; roadway width is 36 feet.  There is one main span.  There are three approach spans. This is the last surviving Scherzer Rolling Lift highway bridge in Chicago.


Cermak Road Bridge over the south branch of the Chicago River

     The bridge abutments  are reinforced concrete.  There are wooden bridge tender houses at the North East and South West corners.

     The bridge was close from 1997 to October 28, 1998 for a $16 million renovation.   Bridge was rebuilt  and raised to a clearance of 19 feet.  The bridge houses were rebuilt.

     The following are the original bridge contractors:

Designer:  Scherzer Rolling Lift Bridge Company

Superstructure Contractor:  Jackson and Corbet Company.

Substructure Contractor: Great Lakes Dredge and Dock Company.

Construction costs were $277,682.



Cermak Road Bridge

    The very first bridge was built at this site in 1871.  It was a swing wood and iron Howe Truss bridge.  It was 210 feet in length and 32 feet wide. It was designed and constructed by Fox and Howard.  Total cost was $26,900.  It was removed in 1905.


Cermak Road Bridge


Bridge Tender House Cermak Road Bridge


Cermak Road Bridge


View from the Cermak Road Bridge   Canal Street Bridge is seen  in distance


View from the Cermak Road Bridge


View from the Cermak Road Bridge


Cermak Road Bridge


Bridge Tender House Cermak Road Bridge


Cermak Road Bridge


Bridge Tender House  Cermak Road


Cermak Road Bridge

Bridge Inspection Current Bridge ( 10/2011)

Deck                      Condition      Rating         Very Good.        8 out of 9

Superstructure  Condition.    Rating          Very Good.       8 out of 9

Substructure.     Condition.   Rating.          Satisfactory    6 out of 9

Appraisal functionally obsolete     

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