Chicago and West Ridge Rail Road.

In the year 1889, subsidiary of the C&NW RR.  known as the Junction Rail Road was developed to build a bypass from the main line in Evanston at Simpson Street and Green Bay Road.  It extended southwest along what was known at the Big Ditch (predecessor or the North Shore Channel) to the Mayfair Junction in Chicago.   The purpose of this bypass was to alleviate congestion on the main line of the C &NW.  It predominately handled freight and industrial costumers.

The village of Evanston required the C&NW RR to also provide passenger service on this line.    Depots were built at Emerson Street, Greenwood Boulevard and the Weber Yard.  There were three trains per weekday.   Eventually this service was discontinued.

The Chicago and West Ridge Railroad was a railroad spur branching off the Mayfair Cut  near Oakton Street and extending to Lincoln Avenue.  This was originally built by the C&NW RR.  Barney Weber purchased the line in 1897.  The C &NW purchased  it back in 1917.  At the north end of the track was the Weber Yard.  This was a rail service facility that provided car storage and engine servicing.   This line serviced multiple brick yards and and flower nurseries.

Virtually nothing remains of the Mayfair Cut off and the Chicago and West Ridge Railroad.

Just south of Oakton Street, the author has encountered a bridge crossing the North Shore Channel.   This likely is a remnant of the Chicago and West Ridge RR


Former North Shore Viaduct over the canal; now Yellow Line


?Chicago West Ridge RR


?Chicago West Ridge RR


Chicago West Ridge RR

Chicago West Ridge R.R

Green Bay Road and Simpson Street. It was at this site that there was a Canal Tower. It regulated traffic on the main line and the Mayfair cut off

Same as above

Possible Remnant of Viaduct on Green Bay Road related to Mayfair Cut off

Same as above

Same as above

Same as above

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