Division Street Bridge over the Cal Sag Canal

(images to follow)

This bridge crosses the Cal Sag Canal in Blue Island, Il. It lies between the Chatham Street and the I 57 bridges.  It was built in 1964.  The builder was unknown.  Design\Engineer was Alfred Benesch and Associates, Chicago.


It is a metal 8 panel bolt-connected polygonal Warren through truss, fixed and approach spans :metal stringer (multi beam), fixed.  There is one main span and 3 approach spans.  Main span measures 289.7 feet.  Structure length is 371 feet.  Roadway width measures 30 feet.


Division Street Bridge


Division Street Bridge

This bridge is near identical to the Chatham Street Bridge.  Similar to this bridge, the Division Street Bridge was poorly maintained.   It is an excellent excellent example of a 1960’s truss bridge.   For safety reasons, it was closed in 2010.  It underwent an extensive renovation in 2016 and was reopened to traffic


Division Street Bridge View  Chatham Ave and Western Ave Bridges are seen in the distance


View from the Division Street Bridge.   I 57 and Ashland Ave Bridges are seen


Division Street Bridge


Division Street Bridge

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