Cass Street Bridge

     The Cass Street Bridge carries West bound US 30 over the DesPlaines River in Joliet.  It was built by the Independent Bridge Company of Pittsburgh, PA and the Scherzer Rolling Lift Bridge Company of Chicago in 1933.   It is a metal rivet-connected Pratt Through Truss,movable double leaf bascule rolling lift bridge.  

     The largest span is 173.8 feet.  Total length is 293.9 feet.  Bridge width is 41.9 feet.

    There is one main span and 4 approach spans.

     The bridge was rehabbed in 1985.

Cass Street Bridge

     Bridge Inspection as of 5/2012

Deck.                            Condition.                Rating.          Fair.        5 out of 9

Superstructure          Condition.                Rating.          Fair.        5 out of 9

Superstructure.         Condition.                Rating.         Fair.         5 out of 9

Appraisal:    Functionality Obsolete

Cass Street Bridge over the DesPlaines River, Joliet

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