Sheridan Road Bridge over Origin North Shore Channel Wilmette, Il

Bridge Plaque Sheridan Avenue Bridge

Sheridan Ave. Bridge

Same as above


Sheridan Avenue Bridge over the North Shore Channel, Wilamette


Sheridan Avenue Bridge


Sheridan Avenue Bridge.  Bahaii Temple in the background


Sheridan Avenue Bridge


Sheridan Avenue Bridge


Sheridan  Avenue Bridge

Sheridan Road Bridge over North Shore Channel

Same as above

    The Sheridan Road Bridge crosses over the North Shore Channel and the Wilmette Pumping Station.  It was constructed in 1910.  The builder was unknown.  Chief Engineer was G.M. Wilson.  Chief Electrical Engineer was Edward Ellicott.

     The bridge has 5 main spans.  Main span length is 77 feet.  Structure length is 210 feet.  Roadway width is 46 feet.  The bridge is concrete encased deck plate girder.


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