Illinois 251 Bridge Peru



IL 251 Bridge

     The author encountered this bridge while doing research on the Star Union Brewery in Peru, Il.  This structure crosses the Illinois River and Water Street.  It was built between  1958 and 1964.   The building contractor was Industrial Construction Company.  Engineer/Design was Alfred Benesch and Associates Chicago.

     The largest span is 476.9 feet.  Total structure length is 2,291.4 feet. Deck width is 29.8 feet.  It is open to two lanes of traffic. It is a cantilevered Warren Through Truss, fixed and approach spans: metal stringer (multi-beam ), fixed.  There are 3 main spans and 10 approach spans.

     The bridge was rehabbed in 1992.  (New deck; new approach steel span)


IL 251 Bridge


IL 251 Bridge

Bridge Inspection as of 6/2012

Deck                             Condition.                 Rating.             Fair.     5 out of 9

Superstructure.         Condition.               Rating.              Fair.     5 out of  9

Substructure.             Condition.               Rating.             Good.   7 out of 9

Sufficiency Rating. 44  out of 100

Additional photos added on 9/16/2018

IL 251

Same as above

Same as above

Same as above

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