Morris Terminal R.R. Bridge

Morris Terminal RR.Bridge

This is an old railroad bridge over the I and M Canal in Morris, Illinois.  It was built around 1905.  It is a triple intersection Warren through truss bridge.  It is the only bridge of this type on the I and M Canal.   Its length is 160 feet.  Its builder was Carnegie Steel Company.    It was a single track bridge.    It was modified to be used as a pedestrian bridge.   There is wood pedestrian decking with  6 ” by 2″ diagonal planking

Morris Terminal R.R. Bridge

At various times, the bridge was used by the Chicago, Rock Island Railroad and the Morris Terminal Railroad.

Companies serviced by this spur included: Morris Paper Company, Woelfel Tannery and and the Coleman Hardware Company.

Current owner is the State of Illinois.

Morris Terminal R.R. Bridge


Morris Terminal Bridge  Now a Pedestrian Bridge


Same as above


Morris Terminal Bridge

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