LaSalle Street Bridge over the Chicago River


Bridge Keepers House

   Revised 12/ 18/2017

       The current bridge (100West: 307 North) spans the main  Chicago River North to South 1 mile west of the river mouth.   It opened on December 20, 1928.  Its official description is metal rivet-connected Pratt Pony Truss double leaf bascule (fixed trunnion); approach spans: metal stringer (multibeam),fixed. The largest spam is 242 feet.  Total length is 347 feet.  Deck width is 56.1 feet. 1 main span and 3 approach spans

     It is the first bridge  at this location.  It is one of the most ornamental bridges.    There are 4 Bridge Tender Houses.  2 are really not needed.  These houses have Baroque style ornamentation.



Bridge Keepers House

     The bridge designers were city engineers Donald Becker, Thomas Pihlfeldt, and Clarence Rowe.   Superstructure  Contractor was Stroebel Steel Construction Company; Substructure Contractor was Central Dredging Company.  Kelly Atkinson Construction Company was contractor for all 4 bridge tender houses.  Electrician was Norwood Noonan.

Total cost was $1.8 million.


LaSalle Street Bridge

     A tunnel was the first connection  between North and South La Salle Street.  Construction began on November 3, 1869.   It was designed by William Bryson.  Construction was done by Robert Moss.  The project was completed on July 4, 1871.  Cost was $566,000.  Length was two thousand feet.   Originally, the tunnel was designed for both pedestrians and horses drawn vehicles

    Because the tunnel was dark, it was underused.  It was more valuable to street car companies.

     When the flow in the Chicago River was reversed, the depth of the river was increased.   This necessitated a deepening of the tunnel.   This project was completed on June 22, 1912.  Use of the tunnel decreased.  It was permanently closed in November, 1939.


LaSalle Street Bridge



Bridge Plaque


LaSalle Street Bridge


LaSalle Street Bridge


LaSalle Street Bridge


Under Surface LaSalle Street Bridge

The bridge was dedicated in 1999 as the Marshal Sulloway Bridge (former commissioner of public works)

Inspection as of 10/2011

Deck Condition Rating Poor 4 out of 9

Superstructure Condition Rating Serious 3 out of 9

Substructure Condition Rating Fair 5 out of 9

Appraisal Structurally Defficient.

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