California Avenue Traffic Bridge over the Sanitary and Ship Canal

This traffic bridge is located between the Eight Track Bascule Bridge to the east and the Chicago, Madison & Northern Railroad Bridge to the west.


California Avenue Bridge


California Avenue Traffic Bridge


Pedestrian Walk California Avenue Traffic Bridge


East View from the California Ave Bridge.  8 Track  Railroad Bridge in the Distance


West View from the California Bridge.  Chicago Madison and Northern RR. Bridge in the distance


Sanitary and Ship Canal near the California Avenue Bridge


California Avenue Traffic Bridge



This is a metal rivet connected Pratt Truss,  bascule bridge.  This was a moveable bridge with a counter weight.    However, the bridge is now fixed.  The bridge tender house has been completely removed.    It is a two lane bridge.

This bridge was built in 1926.  Its steel is from the Carnegie Steel Company.  The main span length is 224 feet.  Structure length is 314 feet.    Roadway width is 38 feet.  There is one main span and three approach spans.

Bridge evaluation as of 12/2010

Bridge Deck 7 out of 9  Good

Superstructure 6 out of 9 Satisfactory

Substructure  6 out of 9  Satisfactory

Overall appraisal Functionally Obsolete

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