Kedzie Avenue Bridge over the Sanitary and Ship Canal


Kedzie Avenue Bridge


Kedzie Avenue Bridge


Kedzie Avenue Bridge Bridge facing West


Kedzie Avenue Bridge facing East.

The first verified bridge  in this area was built in 1879 and was a fixed iron bridge.  The next bridge was built in 1909 and was a through truss center pier swing bridge.   The current bridge was built in 1970.  During construction, a temporary bridge was in place to allow for traffic flow in this location.    The  current bridge  is a riveted through plate girder.  This is a fixed bridge.  The main span length is 148.6 feet.  The structure length is 350 feet.   Roadway width is 48 feet.  There are four main spans.

Inspection report as of 10/2011 rates the deck as 3 out of 9 -serious; superstructure 5 out of 9–fair.  Substructure is rated 5 out of 9–fair.   Overall appraisal is structurally deficient.

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