Bond Kankakee and Seneca R.R.

Train Station Kankakee and Seneca Railroad Bonfield, Ill  This is a mixed passenger and freight train




Hogan Grain Elevator;  Kankakke and Seneca R.R. Tracks


Seneca, Illinois   Kankakee and Seneca Railroad Tracks


1606381_orig (1)

Blue Line Marks the Course of the Kankakee and Seneca Rail Road

Track Bed  Kankakee and Seneca R. R.

In 1881, the Chicago and Rock Island and the Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago and Saint Louis Rail Roads incorporated a joint venture to build a line between Kankakee and Seneca, Illinois.  The K and  S had its own crew and agents.   Villages along the line included:  Bonfield, Freilings, Union Hill, Coster, Gardner, Booth , Mazon, Wauponsee and Langham.

The K and S was a single track, standard gauge steam line.  The track between Kankakee and Seneca was 42.2 miles.  It also had a yard and side tracks totaling 6.7 miles.  There were train stations in Bonfield,  Essex, Gardner and Mazon.   Only one of these still exists.  This was at Bonfield.  It was built in 1881.  Its dimension were 50 feet in length; 20 feet wide; 16 feet high.  There was a peaked roof.   When the line ceased operations during the depression, the village sold the building to a local farmer.  He moved it to his farm and used it a tool shed.   The current owners of this farm offered the village the former train depot.

The K and S offered passenger and freight service. However, like many other businesses during the depression, it ceased operation and was abandoned on February 24, 1933.  There is very little evidence of the existence of this train line.



Remnant of the K and S Line

Kankakee and Seneca Railroad Company Bond

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