Lock 9  I and M Canal

Lock 9

Current image of Lock 9

There are two locks on the Illinois Michigan Canal in Marseilles, Illinois.    They are in close proximity.  Both of these locks had lifts of 8.3 feet.    The more eastern lock is number 9.  Compared to Lock 10, not as much is known about this structure.

Because lock 9 likely followed the design developed by William Gooding and Benjamin Wright for the I and M  Canal, its dimensions were 110 feet in length and 18 feet in width.  The gates of the lock were made of timber.    The exact date of construction is not known.  But since 10 was constructed in the 1840’s, it is presumed that it was built in this time frame.    The material of the original construction of the walls is unknown.  Lock 10 was originally constructed of sandstone.  Probably a similar material was used on Lock 9.  The current state of Lock 9 is concrete walls, no gates and no water in the lock.

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