Previously, I published a blog about the Radium Dial Company in Ottawa, Illinois.  This chronicled the story of the women that worked at this plant painting watch dials with paint mixed with radioactive radium.  Many of these individuals subsequently suffered with many ailments including mandibular osteonecrosis, leukemia, and bone sarcoma.

This last week, my wife and I attended the play These Shining Lives.  This was put on by the Naples Players from Naples, Florida.

This play was written by Melanie Marnich.  It was first produced on April 30, 2008.  It was the story of four women who worked at the Radium Dial Company.    The story was narrated by Catherine Donahue.  She was one of the workers who died of extensive bone sarcoma.  The play was based on the book Radium Girls.

I find it interesting that individuals are still interested in this story years after it occurred.

the Radium Dial Company

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