Lock 8 Illinois Michigan Canal.

There are many interesting canal structures in the area where the Aux Sable Creek intersects the canal.  There is an aqueduct, a lock keeper house and Lock 8.

Lock 8 is one of the original 15 locks designed by the chief engineer William Gooding.   It was built in 1848.  As constructed, it was 18 feet in width and 110 feet in length. It has a lift of 6.5 feet.  The lock wall was made with ashar limestone.   In years gone by, some of the limestone blocks were replaced with concrete.  The gates were made of timber.    Total original construction cost was $ 4,500.00

In 1887, a sawmill and a barrel factory were located just north of the lock. These facility were powered with water traveling down a spillway.    There is no evidence currently of these two plants.

In 1936-7, the CCC renovated the lock.  The lock walls were repaired.  The timber gates were replaced with like material.

The upstream lock gate was replaced sometime between 1959-1964 with a non movable concrete gate.  Later the downstream gate was completely removed.

Contractors was Mattison and Company.


Lock 8 and toll house


Lock 8

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