Aux Sable Aqueduct Revisited

At the site of the crossing of the I and M canal and Aux Sable Creek, there is an aqueduct.  The original aqueduct was completed in 1847.  Its superstructure was a 2 span timber Howe truss.  This was supported by limestone piers.    It was 136 feet in length and 28 feet wide.   In 1927-8, the wooden aqueduct was replaced by a steel structure.    In 1948, the limestone piers and abutments were reinforced.  After 1986, the piers were rehabbed.  The superstructure was painted.

Currently, the aqueduct is a trough with riveted steel plate girders.  This rests on ashlar limestone piers and abutment.

According to records kept in the Illinois State Archives, the following is a list of contractors working on the aqueduct:  Matteson, Campbell, Hall, Lord, Wall, Sordslo, Kinsley, Mallison.


Aux Sable Aqueduct


Aux Sable Aqueduct

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