Carus Chemical Company

     The Carus– Hegeler families left their mark in the LaSalle region.  They were successful entrepreneurs.  Doctor Edward Carus founded the Carus Chemical Company in 1915.  This was located on 1500 8th Street in LaSalle.  Initially the company specialized in manganese products– permanganates and manganese oxides.  It was difficult to make permanganates commercially, of good quality and economically.  Dr. Carus was able to accomplish this task.  By 1928, Carus Chemical was established and profitable.  Other products added to their line included hydroquinone in 1935.  This was a photographic developer.  Also, manganese sulfate in 1928.  This was used in fertilizers in the citrus industry.  Both of the products were discontinued in 1977 due to economic and technological issues.
     In the late 1950’s, Doctor Carus two sons Blouke and Paul succeeded him in the business. 
They instituted a new market driven strategy.  They were very successful.  Since 1966, the company was the permanganate market leader in the U.S.  The company grew by acquisitions : Technical Products Corporation, Kjell Corporation, Industrial Quimica del Nalon in Spain. 
  The Carus family still plays an active role in managing the company.
     On the company web site, the organization is described in detail.  The umbrella organization is the Carus Group.  The subdivisions include: 1) Carus Corporation.  Products include water treatment products, drinking water treatment, waste water treatment, industrial products, oil and gas, phamaceuticals. 2) Alexander Chemicals.  Products includes acids and bases, gases, anhydrous HCL ) ; Sierra Chemical . It distributes environmental chemicals for municipal,agricultural, mining and industrial applications.

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