Rutherford Inn



Salmon Rutherford was born in  in Monkton, Vermont on November 13, 1796.  He married Alvina Dunton in Bristol, Vermont on January 1, 1824.  His family came to Aux Sable Township in 1830.    He purchased property.   He was quite the entrepreneur in the area.  He platted and established the town of Dresden in 1830.   In 1834, he built a home on Hansel Road.  He ran this as an inn.  This was on the Frink and Walker Stage Line.  This provided service between Chicago and Ottawa.   The inn was a stopping point where horse teams were changed.  The charge for an overnight stay was 12 and one half cents; the charge for overnite boarding of the horse was the same. This building is currently part of the Dollinger family farm.
In addition to the inn, Rutherford owned a saw mill and a mule barn/grain storage facility on the Illinois Michigan Canal.
The town of Dresden prospered. Another inn was set up. This also had a post office. Saint Mary’s Catholic Church was founded here. There was a ferry line on the Illinois River. There were clay pits supplying raw materials for bricks and tiles. Men working on the I and M Canal and the Rock Island Railroad lived in the Dresden region.
When the canal and railroad were completed, the town declined and eventually disappeared. The only remnants are a Catholic cemetery, the Dresden mule barn and the Rutherford Inn.


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