Rock Island Depot LaSalle, Illinois.


Rock Island Depot. LaSalle

     The Rock Island Railroad ran from Rock, Island, Illinois to Chicago.  Early in its history it’s eastern terminus was LaSalle.  However, it eventually extended to Chicago.  Along much of its route, it parallelled the I and M Canal.   This put it into direct competition with the canal.   This eventually resulted with the demise of passenger service on the waterway.  For years the railroad and the canal competed for freight service.
     There is a remaining Rock Island Passenger Depot on First street east of Creve Coeur in LaSalle.  This structure was a replacement of an older station.  It was built in the 1900’s.
     This station measures 60 X 25 feet.  It is two and one half stories.   It has a concrete foundation.  It’s walls are red brick and dolomite limestone.  The depot was in use until the 1970’s when passenger service ended.
   For years, after it closed it was used as a lawnmower repair business.  This recently closed.  The building was purchased by a former LaSalle resident.  The plans for the structure are in  state of flux.

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