Located in LaSalle County off Dee Bennett Road near Utica is a historical site referred variously as the Zimmerman Site, Grand Village of the Kaskaskia, the Old Kaskaskia Village or 11LS13.       This was the home of the Kaskaskia Band of the Illinois Confederacy during most of the 17th century. 
     In 1673, Father Jacques Marquette arrived initially at this site.  Two years later, he returned to establish a Catholic mission.  Later this group of native Americans moved west from this site to the region of the Kaskaskia River.    What is even more interesting is that there is evidence of Indian settlements at this site dating to 800 a.d.  This site has been investigated by archeologists on several occasions.
     In the 1980’s, this site had been purchased by developers seeking to build vacation homes.
Preservationists  organized an effort to save this site.  Governor Jim Thompson sought to have the Illinois Historic Preservation Agency to arrange for the land to come into public ownership.  This was accomplished in April of 1991.

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