Seneca Prairie Shipyard

     At the Seneca Shipyard a total of 157 LST’s were built.  The first ship was completed in 1942; the last in 1945.  They were 327 feet in length.  Because of this, they had to be launched sideways in the Illinois River.  They weighed 5,500 tons. 
     At its peak, the shipyard employed 11,000 workers.  Union workers were paid $1.20/hour.
Laborers received $ . 83/hour.   The massive influx of workers and their families into Seneca required substantial investment in housing and infrastructure. 
     At the end of the war, the shipyard was dismantled.   Housing was abandoned.  Most of the LST’s were scrapped.  Some were modified or given to other countries.  Some saw service in the Korean and Vietnam wars.
     On May 21, 2005, a monument was erected in Crotty Park in Seneca.


LST Memorial


LST Memorial

This memorial commemorated the shipyard workers that constructed the boats and the members of the navy and coast guard that served on them.


List of the LST’S constructed at the Seneca Shipyard

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