Dresden Barn

     The Rutherford Barn was originally located in a small town named Dresden.  This town has long vanished.  The area is now a part of Channahon, Il.    The barn is a remnant of a by gone era.    It is located on Hansel Road.
     The barn was constructed by Salmon Rutherford, a local businessman and farmer.  It was likely constructed in stages in the late 1830’s and early 1840’s.   It is located on the North side of the Illinois Michigan Canal.  It is three stories high.  It is a heavy timber post and beam construction. It has a limestone foundation.  It measures 65 X 26 feet. 
     The barn was used as a grain storage facility.  However, more significantly, it is believed that this structure is the last surviving mule barn on the Illinois Michigan Canal.
     Mules were used to tow the freight canal boats from 1848 until 1870.  The mule teams were changed approximately every 15 miles.  Fresh mule teams were housed in canal barns.


Mule Barn. 7/28/2015



Dresden Mule Barn


Dresden Mule Barn

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