The Silica Sand Capital of the World. II

In part one, we dealt with the type of sandstone found in Ottawa, Illinois.  We also dealt with the mining companies.  In this section we consider the local companies using the silica. 
   The first glass company was Ottawa Glass Company. It’s factory was built in1867 along the north bank of the Illinois Michigan Canal.  Later, the company built 2 other plants on the same property.  In 1888, the firm was acquired by the United Glass Company.  By 1898,the factory closed due to competition from Indiana factories. 
     In 1882, a second glassware opened–Ottawa Bottle Company.  This company underwent name changes and closed in 1895.
     Two other glass plants opened before the turn to of the century–LaBastie Glass Works of E. Dr Law Chappelle and Company.  This was known for its lamp chimneys.  This opened in 1888.  This was also located along the I’M Canal.  The plant closed around the turn of the century.   The plant was later used Keen Kleaner Manufacturing Company.  This company combined sand with Tripoli rock to make scouring powders and cleaning compounds.   The second plant was the Peltier Glass Company.  It opened between 1891 and 1898.  Products included marbles and stained glass.  This plant stayed in business for many years.
    In 1908,  the Federal Plate Glass Company opened along the northern bank of the Illinois River.  The plant underwent numerous name changes and is currently owned by a multinational–Pilkington.
     There were many factories and plants.  Many closed because of competition with Indiana. This state had an abundant supply of cheap natural gas.

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