Galloway Furniture Show Room Sarasota

Galloway Furniture Store Tamiami Trail, Sarasota Before extensive renovations

     Galloway Furniture Showroom was built in 1959.  Architect was Victor Lundy.  It was located on Tamiami Trail just north of Sarasota Senior High School.  It was a showcase for Victor Lundy’s signature glass walls and wood laminate trusses..

Architectural Rendings

     When the showroom closed, it morphed into a Visionworks in the 1970’s.  This was after extensive renovation.

Galloway Furniture Store transformed into Vision works in the 1970’s

  Now apparently after more renovation, it has morphed into the Sarasota Museum of Art Annex.   When the author recently visited the site, it appeared unused.

Galloway Furniture Store after multiple renovations.  The furniture warehouse is unrecognizable

Same as above. Furniture warehouse is unrecognizable.  Annex of Sarasota Museum of Art

Same as above

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